As Petals Blow

by Tony Roe

Where flowers grow and petals blow
Between the crosses row on row
As words are said for the dead
The blood still seen, in poppy red
For words then said, tears are shed
By those who live, for the dead
For friends were they until the last
When given life but death came fast
From shot and shell their living hell
Rusting wire, under fire
Mud and blood where they once stood
Side by side as brothers should
As words then drift upon the wind
A lonely piper plays
Upon the hill now distant
Remembered deadly days
As lives were freely given
To save and keep us free
Untold then were thus stories
Of the blind who now can see
Where poppies grow and petals blow
Between the crosses row on row
Remembered all from wars who fell
For those who live will never tell
I see the light from windows
Shine upon the stone
Names of many heroes
Some now old have grown

Red on gold the colours
Set on pale blue
Remember now your comrades
Who once stood next to you

As tears were shed,for the dead
Who rest in far off fields
Still with pain are many
For scars are never healed

So with one voice now sing your hymn
Praise the Lord and think of him
Who gave his son, as mothers did
To keep us free, and evil rid

Be proud, be strong, then bow your head
As word of comfort then are said
For those who lived and those now dead
The blue on white and cross of red